The Abingdon Partnership of Schools is a group of 26 state schools in the Abingdon area. The group includes both maintained schools and academies, including primary, special and secondary schools committed to ‘working together, broadening horizons to achieve excellence and enjoyment for all’.

The Partnership members wish to deliver a wide range of activities to achieve significant change in supporting and developing quality of provision for children and young people within the Abingdon area. This is through a collaborative approach, not only in raising teaching and learning standards, but developing and retaining talent across staff and governors and looking for efficiency savings through joint procurement.

The Partnership is led by a Chair (24 month appointment) who with a steering group drives the strategic agenda and meet at least 8 times a year. This steering group is made up of the Chair, 5/6 Headteachers and a part-time partnership coordinator.


What does membership currently offer?

  1. Regular Headteachers’ conferences (3 times a year) and Partnership meetings (3 times a year) for sharing of best practice
  2. Teaching and Learning groups e.g. focus on BLP, peer review
  3. PE and sport coordinator, network and joint sport events across the Partnership
  4. Middle Leaders and Subject Leaders training
  5. Teachmeets
  6. Assessment without Levels group following on from a funded pilot project
  7. Shared MOD funded home school link worker for forces pupils/students
  8. EYFS network
  9. Literacy & Maths networks
  10. School Business Managers Network
  11. Governors Network
  12. Inclusion network including inclusion briefings
  13. Pupil premium network
  14. PIYFAP business plan
  15. Joint procurement opportunities
  16. Joint music events


Plans for the Future

  1. Deputy heads network
  2. Expanding School 2 School Support
  3. Support for new Heads e.g mentoring