The EFLO’s have in post since 2012 and have been very successful. They provide a primary point of contact for school-related matters, assist families with school issues and provide practical support for families with external agencies/referrals.

Detailed below is a selection of some of the success / services provided:

  • Identification of barriers to children’s school wellbeing and attainment, building relationships, developing solutions with the families and schools involved.
  • Developed sustainable communication channels between families, schools, maintaining links with Army & Unit welfare.
  • ELSA work with children to support their emotional well-being through mobility and deployment e.g. nurture groups and emotional literacy.
  • Service children groups to promote a sense of belonging and help build relationships.
  • Immediate Family support/ 1-2-1 support for parent(s) /child(ren).
  • Family Links Nurturing Programme for Parents – 10-week course.
  • Support and guide parents to help their children overcome obstacles to education that stem from the service lifestyle.
  • Provide training for school staff to support service children

Coffee mornings at the Barracks to encourage community engagement.


Education Family Liaison Officer – March-July 2021

During this transition phase of Covid 19 (Summer 2021) the EFLO will continue to work as closely as possible with Partnership schools, unit welfare staff and relevant agencies by offering the following:-

Emotional Support

Family Links working 1:1 with parents (remote working via zoom).

Continuity of Education (Mobility)

  • Support children through transition, lowering their anxieties so that they settle more quickly into learning. Organising a Zoom meeting with a new school so that children can ask questions about their new school.
  • Liaise with Army Welfare to ensure that children are in education when they leave a partnership school.
  • Liaise with admissions re school places for service children, especially ensuring that siblings are placed together.
  • Liaise with transport about bus places, taxis etc.


  • Facilitate Service Groups (recorded or remote).

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

  • Support Families with CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) referrals around medical investigations into learning barriers or higher level mental health support.
  • Writing supportive letters for families who have children with medical and/or educational needs and liaise with MOD agencies such as CEAS (Children’s Education Advisory Service), AFF (Army Families Federation), DCYP (Directorate of Children and Young People) and Amey.
  • Support Education, Health and Care applications and assessments (EHCPs) to ensure that children can access the most suitable school for their needs.

Community Support

  • Organise a stand and attend the Dalton Barracks Family Day (June) to raise the profile of the EFLO role.
  • Support families in accessing school places for their children and arranging transport with Oxfordshire County Council.
  • Maintain regular contact with Unit Welfare to enable working together for the best outcome for families. This includes attending regular meetings and deployment briefings.
  • Arrange food bank deliveries.
  • Make home visits (door step) and offer 1:1 parenting support.
  • Lead and support EHA (Early Help Assessment) and TAF (Team around the Family) meetings, attend CP (Child Protection) and CIN (Children in Need) meetings with Social Care.
  • Run a monthly Zoom coffee morning to maintain a presence in an ever changing community and develop relationships with parents with/without a nurturing programme mini video.
  • Meeting families in the mornings at the bus stops to develop/maintain relationships with parents/carers (Mon-Thurs).

Mon – Costcutter bus stop, Tues -Spey Road, Wed – opposite Cherry Tree Drive and

Thurs –  Costcutter Door stop conversations with parents/carers at their homes to drop

off/collect items or welcome new families with a school prospectus.

  • Attend Welfare Family Briefings via Zoom (organised by Welfare).


  • Offers advice and training to schools in the partnership around how best to support service children e.g. Emotional Cycle of Deployment


EFLO Introduction & Contact

Service pupils promise 2020

EFLO and Poppy Day