Thanks to Sue at Thomas Reade for bringing this resource to our attention…….
If anyone is looking for a PE home learning package (primary age range) there is a local company working on providing this, co-founded by Olly Carr who is one of the tennis coaches at WHLTC. Visual Ideas offer a home learning package which involves sending a link to parents to access the online content. Olly has been working with some of our schools trialling sections of the content.
If you would like more information please contact Olly directly:


Thanks to Rachael at OCC for bringing this resource to our attention……..

Primary School & Family PE Resource:

We have decided to offer the full resource for free until September.

With the majority of schools currently closed, we have seen hundreds of schools & families are desperate to keep children physically active at home. While there are plenty of resources for home activity online very few have been designed by education professionals with child physical development in mind.

Visual Ideas provides weekly videos of fun physical Home Challenges for pupils to do at home either alone or with the family, all of which are age specific developing skills in line with the national curriculum. We have also created a library of hundreds of video ideas to assist teachers delivering PE.

Please look at website for virtual challenges and activities.

Danny will be sending out emails every two weeks updating you on what’s going on with Active Oxfordshire and School games. Please contact Danny via email if you have any questions.

To help in the current situation we all find ourselves in, we have decided to offer our resource for FREE until September 2020! Normally this resource sells for £500 per year. No card details are required upon signup and this gives you full access to the website so that you can get active at home or school and be prepared for when school returns to normal!

Visual Ideas Benefits:

  • Provides a great example of the school reaching out to their families to keep the pupils active during this difficult time
  • New fresh content available every week
  • Content developed by sport professionals, teachers & education professors
  • Teachers can see an overview of pupil activity in a matter of seconds
  • Pupil Certificates can be emailed directly to parents
  • No specialist equipment needed, using everyday items in limited spaces
  • Teachers can use the Ideas & lesson plans to help prepare for the return of school

Example Content:

You can view some sample content through our website to get a feel for the resource. Please note that some content is blurred for safeguarding although it isn’t on our resource and rest assured our software doesn’t use YouTube so that you will be able to view all our content on a secure platform.


Setting up is super quick & easy and the rest is automated so no extra work for you. Use the link below to register.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this resource then please contact Olly Carr (email above).