Abingdon Partnership for Schools

ISP Training Day – 8 February 2017

Dear All,


I am e-mailing you as someone who might be interested in a forthcoming day of information and training on the Internet of School Things (IST). This is a project to link international, school networks of sensor stations, including weather stations but also other things such as equipment to monitor pollution and background radiation. As well as the possibility of local access to a sensor array, member schools also get access to all data from schools across the world-wide network.

I have arranged a visit from the IST team to run a course from 11:00-15:30 on Wednesday 8 February in the ASP Lab at Abingdon School, with a view to hosting a local sensor array for schools in the Abingdon region. It would be great if at least one representative could attend from any school interested, as there will be applications in many curriculum areas including science, geography and computing. Part of the course will include practical examples of applications for the BBC Microbit connected to the IST sensor network.

Please could you advertise this opportunity in your school and ask anyone interested to e-mail me to reserve a free place? Lunch and refreshments will be provided. See attachments with details of the day.

Best wishes,


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