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What is the PIYFAP project?

The PIYFAP project was set up in 2014 as a pilot project (within Abingdon Partnership) funded by Oxfordshire County Council with the following aims:

  1. To create a sustainable model of behaviour support in the Abingdon Partnership based on up-skilling SENCO’s to lead on behaviour support and management;
  2. To create an inclusive approach towards working with pupils with behavioural difficulties and their families and developing wrap-around support (child, staff, parents);
  3. To reduce the incidents of in-school behaviour problems and the number of exclusions;
  4. To provide partnership support for high-level needs pupils requiring immediate action in order to minimise the risk of exclusion. Schools complete an application to the Abingdon PIYFAP panel and funding may be allocated. We plan to develop this model by offering in-school advice and suggestions for possible strategies. Since then the project has evolved and is currently offering SENCO training, and support via the Red Child Fund to meet the aims of the original funding bid:



What training is available for SENCOs? Training and support across the Partnership to develop best practice in the support of vulnerable children:

  • All Primary schools within the Partnership are entitled to Mbox training for SENCO’s and if appropriate an HLTA.
  • To offer Advanced Draw Talk therapy training so that staff in schools can work with groups of pupils. £100+VAT per participant up to 30 people.
  • Additional training day from MBox for HLTAs (behaviour leads) in school which would also be a ‘catch up’ session for new SENCOs.

Red Child Fund

What is the Red Child Fund? A fund to provide partnership support for arranging short-term interim measures for high-level needs pupils requiring immediate action, in order to minimise the risk of exclusion or to prevent further escalation of behaviour.

Who is it for? Red children i.e. those highly vulnerable pupils who may require significant support in school, and school may need to call on outside agencies to help meet the needs of these pupils.

What does it cover? PIYFAP funding is a short-term funding provision (generally 6 weeks) to support transition towards a plan and to help schools through difficult patches whilst a school finds the right provision for the child.

How do I apply? The school’s SENCO needs to complete a PIYFAP referral form and submit it to the Partnership. Forms and user guide are available from the Partnership Co-ordinator, Sarah Twinn (twinn.s@caldecott.oxon.sch.uk). Please submit your funding bid to Sarah who will then forward it to the Partnership’s Red Child Fund panel (made up of Partnership Heads, SENCOs, and advisors from OCC) who evaluate the bid and decide the outcome.

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